Tui Scores


First Piano Sonata

Pine Mountain Toccata

Second Piano Sonata:“The Peyote Sonata: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Tantum Ergo

Notes from the Blue Mountains:

  1. Passacaglia for White Sunday
  2. Moon and Pine Sonata
  3. Romanza
  4. On a Mountain Road at Summer’s End

Ave Verum:

Eternal Father Strong To Save: Copy 1 & Copy 2
Variations on a hymn tune by John Bachus Dykes

O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden: 8 variations

Herzliebster Jesu

Nun Danket: Now Thank We All Our God: Copy 1 & Copy 2
Variations on a hymn tune by Johann Crüger

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Quartertone Keyboard

Little Pieces for Quartertone Piano

My Melancholy Baby: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Sarabande: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Hot Crossed Buns: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Vigil I

Vigil II

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Quartertone Lullabies

First Quartertone Lullaby
Alto, tenor & bass recorder

Second Quartertone Lullaby
Alto, tenor & bass recorder

Third Quartertone Lullaby
“Midnight Microtone”
Alto Recorder – Flute - Clarinet

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Sonata for Solo Recorder: Copy 1 & Copy 2
“The Bullfinch”

Sonata for Recorder and Piano

Ralph and Edward
Rondo for Recorder & Harpsichord

Second Sonata for Solo Recorder
“The Hypertonic”

There Are Different Kinds Of Writing Part 1 (words by Spencer Holst) (new Part 1)
Recorder and Narrator

There Are Diffferent Kinds Of Writing Part 2 (words by Spencer Holst) (new Part 2)
Two Recorders and Narrator

“The Canary”
Small recorder or piccolo


Amoroso 2
For recorder or other wind instrument

Blue Mountain Canons

Alto Recorder Fingering Chart Showing Quarter Tones

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Duo Sonata (1946)
For treble recorders or other instruments:

  1. Allegro
  2. Largo
  3. Presto

Lament for the Bird
Four recorders

Trio for 3 Recorders:

  1. Canon
  2. Sarabande
  3. Fantasia
  4. Allegra

Sonata for Recorder and Piano

Sonata for 2 Recorders
“The Syrinx”

Double Sonata: Andante & Double Sonata
Two recorders & Piano

Prelude & Blue
Soprano, alto, tenor & bass recorders

There Are Diffferent Kinds Of Writing Part 2 (words by Spencer Holst) (new Part 2)
Two Recorders and Narrator

Quartertone Recorder Duets

Quartertone Carol
High Voice with Alto, Tenor & Bass Recorders

Prelude & Blue
Soprano, alto, tenor & bass recorders

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First Sonata for Violin and Piano:
Piano score: Sonata for Violin & Piano 2 and Sonata for Violin & Piano and Sonata for Violin & Piano
Violin part: Sonata for Violin & Piano and Sonata for Violin & Piano and Sonata for Violin & Piano 2

Second Sonata for Violin and Piano
“The Lydian Sonata”
Piano score: The Lydian Sonata
Violin part: The Lydian Sonata

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The Voice of the Lord (Psalm 29)
Boy’s voice & Lute

Prothalamian (Edmund Spenser)
Woman’s voice & Lute

Hälte Des Lebens (words by Friedrich Hölderlin)
Tenor & Lute

Neujahr (words by Vera Lachmann): Copy 1 & Copy 2
Soprano & Viola

Dezember (words by Vera Lachmann): Copy 1 & Copy 2
Tenor & Viola

Five Songs for Countertenor
Countertenor & Piano (or other instruments)

  1. No More, My Dear
  2. Under The Greenwood Tree
  3. Come, Sleep
  4. Stella
  5. With How Sad Steps, O Moon

The Statesman’s Holiday (words by W.B. Yeats)
Baritone & Piano

Three Greek Songs (words by Vera Lachmann)
Baritone & Piano

  1. Der in Delphi: Copy 1 & Copy 2
  2. Der Parthenon
  3. Dankender Preis

The Angelus (words by Dennis Corbett)|
Baritone & Quartertone Piano or Keyboard

The Clown Dives (words by Stephen Stepanchev)
Baritone & Piano

  1. The Clown Dives
  2. The Quarrel
  3. Backwater Blues
  4. Conventional Dialogue
  5. Wednesday

Petals From The Buddha’s Tree (words by Ree Dragonette)
Baritone & Piano

Lament (words by Robert Stock)
Voice & Piano

Lament (words by Tui St. George Tucker)
Voice & Piano or Piano Solo

The Rivers Came
Voice & Piano

Dr. Judith Korianski
Voice & Piano

Catawba (words by Vera Lachmann)
Baritone & Piano

Quartertone Carol
Alto, Tenor & Bass Recorder

All Colors of Light
Solo voice and chorus

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String Quartet

First String Quartet – Score
First String Quartet – Parts

Second String Quartet – Score
Copy2, Score & Parts
Chorale Prelude

Third String Quartet – Score
Third String Quartet – Parts
“The End of Love”

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Requiem – Piano Score - Handwriten
Chorus & Orchestra

Requiem – Piano Score – Finale Version
Chorus & Orchestra

In Paradisum
from Requiem

Dies Irae
from Requiem

Gratias Agimus Tibi
Voice & Piano

Te Deum
Three-part choir with instruments ad libitum

Mass of the One
Voices & Instruments

De Profundis
Voices & Instruments

Indian Summer: Notes & Score
A Ceremony of Psalms
Instruments & voices

  1. Paratum Cor Meum
  2. Lucerna
  3. Venite Exsultemus

Mass in Popular Style

Drum Taps (words by Walt Whitman)
Cantata for men’s voices and instruments

  1. Lo, Victress on the Peaks
  2. Delicate Cluster
  3. Adieu to a Soldier
  4. Spirit Whose Work Is Done
  5. Look Down Fair Moon
  6. By the Bivouac’s Fitful Flame
  7. Reconciliation
  8. Hush’d Be the Camps Today

Laudate Dominum
Four-part chorus, acoustic & electric guitars, ‘cello & electric bass

In Terra Pax
A Christmas Ceremony for Men’s Voices

For men’s voices and recorders

Soprano, alto, tenor & bass

Soprano, alto, tenor & bass

Venite Exultemus
For the Springhouse Farm Choir

He Never Said A Mumbalin’ Word (arr. American Negro Spiritual)
Voice & ‘cello

Wade in De Water (arr. Tucker)
Voice & ‘cello

Ave Maria

Ave Verum Corpus

Spiritus Domine

Laudate: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Adoramus Te

Tantum Ergo

Christus Jesus Splendor Patris

Kyrie – Christe – Agnus Dei

Sanctus & Sanctus2 & Sanctus3
(multiple versions)

Ave Regina Caelorum: Copy 1 & Copy 2

Shma Yisrael (Deut. 6:14)
Voices & ‘cello, guitars, other instruments

Short Pieces for Small Chorus

  1. Tantum Ergo
  2. Ave Verum
  3. Christus Jesus

Zen Songs

  1. Hakuun
  2. Tensai
  3. Sei ro
  4. Yucho
  5. Nezumi


  1. Christe Eleison
  2. Sanctus
  3. Agnus Dei
  4. Canons
  5. Kyrie
  6. Christe
  7. Agnus Dei

Summer Alleluia: Copy 1 & Copy 2
“Hymn for Solstice”

Sing Cuckoo
“Fanfare for Summer”
Singers, Brass & Percussion

Turnip Stew: Copy 1 & Copy 2

But Parting Is Return (words by May Sarton)
Soprano, alto, tenor & bass

All Colors of Light

Tommy Miller
Three voices

Jubilate Deo

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Chamber Music

Trio for Brass
Two Trumpets & Horn

Solo viola

Solo viola

Rosa Mystica
For three-part ensemble

Strings & Timpani

The Mocking Bird
Flute & Recorders

Serenade for Two Violas: Part I & Part II

  1. Prelude
  2. Meditation
  3. Scherzo
  4. Finale

Lift Up Your Heads: Part II & Part II & Lydian Sonata Sec
Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon

Happy Birthday, Dear Krzysztof: Part I & Part II
Recorder, string quarter, harpsichord, bass


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Sketches & Unfinished Works

Trio (Presto)
(for two violins & viola?)

Recorder, oboe, violin & piano

(for solo recorder?)

O Cave Of Mourning
Voice & Piano

Trio Fragment
(for three recorders?)


Super Flumina Babylonis

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